DK-LOK® High Pressure Series Fittings and Valves

Photo of high pressure products

The DK-LOK® High Pressure Series has been developed to satisfy customer requests for high pressure application. DK-LOK® MP & HP Fittings and Valves are manufactured from 316 cold-worked stainless steel meeting NACE MR 0175. DK-LOK® HP Valves are designed to operate safely and reliably against Medium Pressure for 20,000 psig service and High Pressure for 30,000… Read more »

DK-LOK® VH36 and VCH36 Series Check Valves

Photo of vh36 check valve

VH36 Series High Pressure Check Valves / VCH36 Series CNG/NGV Check Valves operate to 6,000 PSI with a blowout proof bonded poppet seal. Seal materials are Viton (standard), HNBR (CNG) with optional EPDM and Kalrez to meet your application requirements. Sour Gas option to meet NACE MR0175. The CNG version carries ECE R110, ANSI / AGA NGV 3.1-1995/CGV… Read more »

DK-LOK® V43 Series Gate Valve

photo of v43 series gate valve

The DK-LOK® V43 Series Gate valve is designed and manufactured to meet a ASME B16.34 Class 1500 pressure rating.  Available in a variety of end connections; 1/8″ OD – 1” OD DK-LOK® compression tube fitting ends, 1/4″ – 1” Female NPT end connections, also 3/8” and 1/2″ Pipe socket weld end connections.  Every valve is… Read more »

DK-LOK® Clean Fittings

photo of assorted clean fittings

DK-LOK® Clean Fittings product offering consists of micro-fit weld adapters, metal gasket face seal connectors, and automatic weld fittings. All adapters are manufactured, cleaned and packaged accordingly to meet the highest standards of cleanliness, surface finish level and material compatibility to meet clean industry requirements. Materials consists of S316, 316L, 316L stainless steel var. Surface… Read more »

DK-LOK® Ultra Torr Fittings

photo of ultra torr fittings

DK-LOK® Ultra Torr vacuum fittings are designed with an O-ring seal that seals to glass metal or plastic tubing.  Ease of assembly and disassembly with the seal being maintained through repetitive disassembly.  A simple, easy to use product to address specific needs in research and development, analytical and other applications. View DK-LOK® Ultra Torr Vacuum Fittings… Read more »

DK-LOK® V86/VC86 Series Ball Valves

photo of v86 series ball valves

DK-LOK® V86/VC86 Series Ball Valves provide leak tight performance with a variety of end connections up to pressures as high as 10,000 PSI. The V86/VC86 series incorporates a blowout proof design, a handle indicating flow direction, positive stop with a robust stop pin, high flow rate with maximum orifice sizes, various flow control configurations with side… Read more »

DK-LOK® Toggle Valves

photo of v103 toggle valve

DK-LOK® Toggle Valves are available for quick shutoff and sampling applications for analysis systems and test equipment. The spring loaded stem allow for a quick open and close. The 103 Series Toggle valves are available in a straight or angle pattern. Available materials are 316 stainless steel and brass as standard. End connections are DK-LOK®… Read more »

We Want To Be Our Customers’ Favorite Story

Please allow us to share with you a quick photo and caption regarding the culture here at DK-LOK®.  The picture below is of our warehouse and a recent collaboration with UPS.  We pushed this communication out to our Partners last week and felt it was a great representation of the direction our company is going…. Read more »

DK-LOK® Quick Connects

photo of quick connects

DK-LOK® Quick Connects are push to connect couplings that provide quick and easy access into a system. They are available in end connection sizes from 1/16” to 1” depending on the type of end connection and series; DQ, DQM, and DF. Available in full flow, single end shut-off (SESO) and double end shutoff (DESO) to… Read more »

VG16 Series General Utility Service Needle Valves

photo of vg16 series general utility service needle valves

DK-LOK® continues to expand its product offering.  DK-LOK’s® VG16 series utility valves Isolate and vent the system media in instrument air, nitrogen header, lube oil, and general utility service applications in the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, and other general industrial markets. Contact your local DK-LOK® representative for more information.