We Want To Be Our Customers’ Favorite Story

Please allow us to share with you a quick photo and caption regarding the culture here at DK-LOK®.  The picture below is of our warehouse and a recent collaboration with UPS.  We pushed this communication out to our Partners last week and felt it was a great representation of the direction our company is going.  UPS® was in our facility yesterday to shoot a video/documentary of this redesign.  Our COO, Wade Davis, along with members of the UPS® Engineering team, began this project mid 2017.  The goal from the onset was simple, find ways to be more efficient in our pick, pack and ship process.  The UPS® team spent weeks in our facility studying the flow, noting patterns and product placement, ultimately creating a complete warehouse redesign.  Once implemented, this redesign will ensure that DK-LOK® will be able to efficiently ship more packages than ever before!  The end game is that we can provide an even better service for YOU, our customer, which will help support your efforts out in the field.

In an industry of “sameness”, we are constantly evolving.  We continue to look for ways to break the walls in the sales process and make doing business with DK-LOK® your best experience. ” We want to be our customers’ favorite story.”

Thank you for your business,
-The DK-LOK® Team

“We look forward to the exposure DK-LOK® will receive as UPS® promotes the part they played in this redesign. I will share the video upon it’s completion. We continue to reinvest into growing our company and brand to ultimately impact those who partner with us.  It’s our goal to be a dynamic partner that creates opportunities and opens doors for those within the DK-LOK® family.” – Wade Davis, COO