Introduction to DK-LOK® USA

The power of energy infrastructure development constantly transforms the world. Technologies that explore new sources of energy, brighten and sustain the future, expand our horizons, and enrich the world. Technologies that lead to a different world, enhance our convenience, and cast darkness away. Shaping the future of energy infrastructure and humankind are the technologies of DK-LOK®. Dedicated to perfecting energy infrastructure, DK-LOK®.

Only with the ceaseless development up original technologies can companies ensure their survival in today’s fierce competition. DK-LOK® strives to develop inimitable patent technologies and applies them to an expanding range of its products to bring ever more perfect products and services to customers. The patents on ASME N-NPT and NS stamps, all of which DK-LOK® became the second in the world to obtain, along with innumerable other patented and certified technologies are proud assets of the company.

Only those who are prepared can surmount the challenges lying in their paths. In addition to its forging plant and another plant to be turned into a space for new businesses, DK-LOK® also built a new plant, which has a fully automated production line with a working space of 17,000 square meters. The company continues to enhance its production system to deliver increasing volumes of goods to customers on time. Its research and development center, the first in Korea to design a heat exchange test equipment, conducts relentless research and development of ever-improving products.

DK-LOK®’s, a name trusted everywhere around the world, now supplies goods to the world’s three largest shipbuilders as well as a host of other multinational energy corporations, including Exxon Mobil and Shell. Its clientele continues to grow. With the trust that it has earned from global energy companies, DK-LOK® is expanding its network of dealerships not only in Asia-Pacific, but also across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East, bringing its operations closer to customers worldwide.

Developing technologies that make customers proud; building infrastructure that always satisfies customers’ demands, thinking for customers ahead of customers themselves; and, maximizing customers’ convenience and benefits – these are why innumerable customers worldwide associate DK-LOK®’s name with the word trust. DK-LOK®.