DK-LOK® USA Expands Product Line to Include VCH86 Series Alternative Fuel Service Ball Valve

VCH86 -Series-Alternative-Fuel-Service-Ball-Valve

DK-LOK® USA today announced that the company’s extensive valve product line has been expanded to include the VCH86 Series Alternative Fuel Service Ball Valve. Used in Alternative Fuel Services applications and designed for fully open and close operation, the VCH86 Series valve’s wetted components are compatible with hydrogen, compressed natural gas and petroleum.

According to Wade Davis, Chief Operating Officer for DK-LOK® USA, “The VCH86 Series Alternative Fuel Service Ball Valve expands our product offerings for compressed natural gas and natural gas vehicle (CNG/NGV) applications to better meet the full scope of valve needs by customers in these industries. We are able to meet their valve needs with value in terms of pricing and delivery without compromise of quality.”

The valve has a maximum pressure rating of 6,000 psi and a temperature rating of -40 to 250° Fahrenheit, which is a range of – 40 to 121° Celsius. Each valve is factory tested with nitrogen at 1,000 psi and is cleaned and packaged with the DK-LOK® cleaning standard DC-01.