DK-LOK® UNIQUE Back Ferrule Technology

DK-LOK®’s UNIQUE Back Ferrule Technology Makes All the DIFFERENCE in the World!

Many things are important when it comes to producing a leak free two ferrule compression fitting. Nothing is more important than back ferrule technology. DK-LOK® stainless steel two ferrule tube fittings incorporate the most proven back ferrule design ever manufactured. DK-LOK has a FULL MASS back ferrule with ONLY the nose (leading edge) of the back ferrule hardened with a patented surface-hardening process that maintains the natural corrosion characteristics of the 316 Stainless Steel base metal.

Selective leading edge surface-hardening creates a hinge point very near the leading edge leaving the remainder of the back ferrule in a ductile/malleable state so the leading edge quickly turns in onto the outside surface of the tube delivering the required maximum bite depth for leak tight performance. The remainder of the ferrule properly reacts to the dynamics present during installation in order to lift the front ferrule into a sealing position against the body bevel while providing a low torque installation.