DK-LOK® Tube Fittings Pass ASTM Fire Test Requirements

DK-LOK® is pleased to announce our tube fittings have been subjected to and successfully passed the requirements of ASTM F1387-99 (Revised 2005) Supplemental S7, Fire Test.


Abstract (from

This specification establishes the performance characteristics required for mechanically attached fittings (MAFs) for use in piping and tubing systems. These fittings directly attach to pipe or tube by mechanical deformation of the pipe or tube or fitting, or a combination thereof, creating a seal and a restrained joint. process. MAFs covered here are classified into the following design types: Type Iradially swaged MAF (permanent); Type IIflared MAF (separable); Type IIIflareless (bite-type) MAF (separable); Type IVgrip-type MAF (separable); Type Vshape memory alloy (SMA) MAF (permanent); and Type VIaxially swaged MAF (permanent). Moreover, the MAFs shall be made from on or more of the following material grade: Grade Acarbon steel; Grade Bstainless steel; Grade Cnickel-copper; Grade Dcopper-nickel; Grade Ebrass; and Grade Fnickel titanium. The MAFs shall also be grouped into ten classes according to their pressure ratings. The standard qualification tests to which the MAFs shall perform satisfactorily are pneumatic proof test, hydrostatic proof test, impulse test, flexure fatigue test, tensile test, hydrostatic burst test, repeated assembly test, rotary flexure test, and mercurous nitrate test. Successful completion of the tests described constitutes completion of the technical portion of the qualification