Photo of Dk-Lok Intermix Test parts

In order to continue to establish and maintain DK-LOK®’s position as an industry leader in providing the highest quality products across ever-demanding industry applications, DK-LOK® operates with an eternal continuous improvement ideology. DK-LOK® develops, manufactures, and tests its products to meet and exceed the requirements of various industrial applications around the globe.

Clients rely on DK-LOK® for extensive experience and technical knowledge to continuously push the envelope for safety and higher levels of efficiency. For this reason, DK-LOK® conducted a complete “Intermix” test between DK-LOK® and Swagelok® products against the standard battery of tests in ASTM F-1387.

The purpose of this test procedure is to establish that any intermixed combination of DK-LOK® and Swagelok® individual components will provide leak-free performance synonymous with pure assemblies when subjected to various conditions inherent to the environments for which compression tube fittings are commonly exposed in practical everyday installations.

Take a look at the performance results and you can confirm that DK-LOK® Tube Fittings are interchangeable with Swagelok® in threads, make-up distance, bore, sealing integrity, surface finish, design, and pressure ratings.

In addition to the Intermix Matrix provided for Swagelok® and DK-LOK®, we include detailed test results for Pneumatic Proof, Hydrostatic Proof, Hydrostatic Burst, Tensile Pull, Rotary Flex, Flex Fatigue, and Vibration.

We offer this intermix guarantee publicly to the marketplace based upon TUV Rhineland witnessing of intermix test results between DK-LOK® and Swagelok® components in accordance with ASTM F1387-99(2005).

View the Intermix Test Results & Performance Report