DK-LOK® Ball and Plug Valves

V81 Ball Valves Design Features

  • Compact barstock construction for high integrity
  • Blow-out proof design with internally loaded stem
  • Floating Ball design providing seat wear compensation
  • Micro-finished ball ensures a leak-tight shut-off on pressure
  • Standard lever handle, optional butterfly handle.


V81 series ball valve offers a safe and reliable performance for a wide range of onshore and offshore applications: water, oil, gas, petrochemical and general duty applications.

V 82 Ball Valves Design Features

  • Sealing is achieved without system pressure
  • Bi-directional flow
  • Pressure up to 3000 psig (206 bar)
  • Lowest dead space design
  • Nylon Directional handle – indicates the flow through the valve.
  • Panel mounting nut – is standard and permits valve to panel or actuator.
  • Top-loaded packing – allows packing adjustment with the valve in-line.
  • Capsule packing – fills voids in the valve body and prevents fluid entrapment. – allows lowest dead space.
  • Support rings and discs – retains the capsule packing and prevent cold flow.
  • Integral ball stem – machined from single piece bar stock. – eliminates the backlash during handle actuation.
  • One-piece body – reduces the number of potential leak points.

V 83 Design Features

  • Pressure and temperature compensation seat design.
  • Swing-out design for fast and easy maintenance with the valve in-line.
  • Chevron packing design.
  • 2-way (on-off) valves with quarter-turn actuation.
V-86 Design Features

  • High pressure up to 10 000 psi (689 bar).
  • Blowout proof design with internally loaded stem.
  • Handle indicates the flow direction.
  • Positive stop with a robust stop pin.
  • High flow rate with maximum orifice.
  • Various end ports including DK-LOK® tube port.
  • Various flow control with side and bottom inlet port on 3-way diverter valves.